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Smoochies YCH by ChesterPalm
[Crimson Circus YCH ] Shakespearian Recital
[Crimson Circus YCH ] Shakespearian Recital - 50pt by ChesterPalm
[ Price is per head ]

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Regarding Commissions

Revision by ChesterPalm


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Crimson Circus Mini-Comic??? 

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Art Style Thingy

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 29, 2015, 1:13 PM

I'm gonna do a little briefing of my art styles, just for the point of sorting out things. I'll use it later to build a new commission sheet


Thumbless Twiggy by ChesterPalmMe in Don't Starve by ChesterPalmAngler's Mask by ChesterPalm
This is regarding works of mine that aren't necessarily just drafts, and utilize the sketchiness to get some sort of effect the smooth lines can't always give. It's a relatively new style I'm doing.

Sketchy Lines w/ Flat Colors:

Ready for Freddy by ChesterPalmDon't Starve ID by ChesterPalm
Where the lines are sketchy and the color is flat, and shading comes from the density of the lines (as some comics/manga do the shading)

Traditionally Inked & Colored:

Old Art - Vandal Pupetteer by ChesterPalmGeneral Hazard and Keramon by ChesterPalmGoaltender doodles by ChesterPalmLuna the Psychosis Parasite by ChesterPalmTaste of Blood by ChesterPalmSubject No. 2 - Valen by ChesterPalmIrken Grinner and Frowner by ChesterPalm
A rather dominant style, as I've only just recently went full-on digital, and it's a little more convenient and available when a tablet is not an option (like in school). Problem is that the quality of these depends a lot on the quality of my scanner, which is pretty shit XD

High Contrast Inking:

CORrUpTION by ChesterPalmLuna Atrum - DOGS style by ChesterPalm
With only two examples, this is inspired by the shading style in "DOGS: Bullets & Carnage". These were done traditionally, but since it's completely black and white the same results can be achieved digitally, but the process is far more enjoyable doing this on paper.


Your Magic, White Rabbit by ChesterPalm
One of the newest styles I've experimented with, like the sketchy stuff, it help create a mood.

Digitally Colored Tradition:

Vincent LeGrand / General Hazard by ChesterPalmNoctem's Cookie by ChesterPalmMr. China's Xmas by ChesterPalmStewart Jackson ref sheet by ChesterPalmTeam Fortress 2 Movie Poster by ChesterPalmHerr Doktor - Colored by ChesterPalm
Slapping some colors in Photoshop/SAI on a scanned sketch/outline, sometimes already shaded and sometimes not. I'll admit though- sometimes I'm just being lazy about re-tracing it digitally :3c

Digitally Outlined & Colored - Soft Shading:

[Tokyo Ghoul OC] Ayumu Kurobayashi / Spectre Ref by ChesterPalm

Mature Content

Filthy Creatures by ChesterPalm
Warnings of Pure Dread by ChesterPalmPlay Nice! - Colored by ChesterPalm[CPOC] Eyecandy Redesign by ChesterPalm
I'll admit that SAI has made this style a lot more easier, compared to Photoshop. It's one I use quite often.

Digitally Outlined & Colored - Hard Shading:

Showdown! by ChesterPalmMuch Love for Harmony by ChesterPalmInvader Luna by ChesterPalmStrange Friendship by ChesterPalm
I use this one a little more than the soft shading, and this style may come in different degrees of shading levels.

Lineless - Soft Shading:

Crimson Circus - Jingles by ChesterPalmDreams - Catcher and Eater by ChesterPalmAngler's Hunt by ChesterPalmPlayful Encounter by ChesterPalm
Another newer style that seemed to have gotten easier once SAI became my main program of choice. I don't do it much, but the results are very satisfying. I really should practice it some more.

Lineless - Hard Shading:

Circus Ask #6 - Dead-End Job by ChesterPalm
That's actually the only time I used it, but I'm hoping to get a chance to use it again in something. It's one of my favorites so far :3c


So far I've actually counted line/coloring styles, but this is actually when I do things that are randomly silly, regardless of style
Best Friends! [BatteRie] by ChesterPalmSCREW YOU BILLY! by ChesterPalmMarkiplier's 8 Million Subscribers by ChesterPalmThe Right Party Planner by ChesterPalmDrop It! by ChesterPalmWhere's My Hat?! by ChesterPalmMartini Cow by ChesterPalmSo Smooth! by ChesterPalmBuckcherry by ChesterPalmMark In SPAAAAACE! by ChesterPalmSiamese Seaslug by ChesterPalmRA: Go- BWAH! by ChesterPalm
Mostly things done on a whim, late at night, sometimes with less effort, as the point is to get the funny across. But these simpler ones are some of my favorite and I enjoyed each and every one.

Bonus - Did I Mention Animation?

Cross Eyed Clown - Animation test by ChesterPalmForever Happy (Jingles) by ChesterPalmJeff Isn't Scary... by ChesterPalmRomantically Apocalyptic 144 - Animated by ChesterPalmI See You There [Frame-by-Frame] by ChesterPalmHauntreavus Sprite by ChesterPalm
I didn't even remember doing some of these XD Find that I haven't actually learned animation and I don't even have a designated program, these are put together in Photoshop (the PokeFusion was in AnimationShop 3)

So, Now what?

You're welcome to comment, share your opinion or point out your favorite style, but as I have mentioned before - it's mostly for me to sort out my art.
Comments and feedback will be greatly appreciated, though :)

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Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
Born of 1993 in Israel, an artist with so many ideas I don't know what to do with them
Done art since...ever, started preserving works since about the 6th grade
Doing traditional and digital art, majored art & design in high school, currently studying Media Design in (it's called an "institute", but it sounds bad XD). I also enjoy photography and writing
Served in the military for two years, know how to operate a gun an a rifle, finished duty as a Sergeant

I have two close friends that I have and will often mention in things I post, since they inspire ideas for stories and characters and other concepts. Thanks to them I have 4 major plots going on, 3 of which have their own folders in my gallery

General facts:
* My name means "Pine Tree" in Hebrew
* Hebrew & English speaker
* Gemini
* Moved once
* Divorced parents
* Played Hockey
* Can't drive (have licence)
* Tone deaf
* Forever sleepy
* The nickname "Chester" originally came from the name given to my Chestburster plushie


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